Take a Prayer Trip to Bosnia

Come and pray onsite with insight for God to ignite the hearts of Bosnians across the country.


No movement of God has taken place outside of extraordinary prayer. Unengaged, Unreached People Groups, by definition, are peoples where there is no Light among the darkness. Followers of Jesus who carry the light of the Gospel and pray the Spirit of God into towns and villages play a key role in preparing the soil for Gospel seeds to take root.

Come prepare the way for the Lord. Come pray that these people will have followers of Jesus committed to starting a church planting movement among them.


For helpful suggestions and resources, browse through the Prayer Journey Recommendations below.

Form Your Group

Among your friends, family, and brothers and sisters in the faith, who can you ask to go with you?

What kind of spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12) would you like to take along?

Determine the Best Time to Come

Spring and fall bring milder temperatures and less travelers, making it a great time for a prayer journey!

​Research airfare

  • Check out websites like Expedia and Kayak to see various price options.

  • You can fly into the capital city, Sarajevo (SJJ), or into the neighboring city of Zagreb, Croatia (ZAG) and then drive in.

  • Car rentals are available at the airports

  • We recommend coming for at least a week.

Mapping Your Prayer Journey

Mapping Your Prayer Journey

Traveling to and Around Bosnia


After mapping out which cities and towns you will visit, check out the recommended hotels, restaurants, things to do in those areas at Trip Advisor.

Preparation Ideas


  • Commit time to fasting and praying before going

  • Find people who are willing to fast and pray for you each day of your travels

Utilize some of these Prayer Resources

Google and learn all you can about the people of Bosnia before going

  • History

  • Culture and beliefs

  • Spiritual background and current status

  • Check out this video which gives a great beginners look at the many complicated facets of Bosnia.

Prayer Strategy Plan

Plan out your prayer strategy that you will implement each day. Below are​ some ideas that you can incorporate:

Thoughts on Prayer Walking

Learn the basics of prayer walking, why it is important, and get some practical tips and ideas.


We would greatly appreciate if you would  let us know that you are going on a prayer journey and how it went after you are finished!

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