Strategic Prayer for a Disciple-Making Movement in Bosnia


Millions of Bosnians

Have Never Heard the Gospel

Pray4Bosnia is a community of people who love Jesus and love Bosnia. We want to see 3.3 million Bosnian men, women, and children start a relationship with Jesus – the best place to start is with committed and strategic prayer. Every time the Church has seen the abundant spread of Christianity in recorded history, it began with extraordinary prayer. God can reach Bosnia. And He’ll do it when His Church starts praying.

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your prayers make a difference.
an eternal difference.


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Resources for Prayer

We’ve spent many years creating resources based on the needs we’ve seen and experienced in Bosnia.
We hope they will help you as you spend time in prayer.

30 Day Prayer Calendar

You can use this 30 day prayer calendar to help guide you on a month of prayer for Bosnia. Learn More…

City Prayer Insights

Here are some insights to help you pray for some of the most populous Bosnian cities. Learn More…

Prayer Points for Movements

Use this guide to help you pray through some common elements of disciple making movements. Read More…