Our Treasure in Jesus

God, we love you! As your Church, help us do what it takes to let the people of Bosnia grasp the Good News that Jesus was so overwhelmingly superior to demons that they literally begged Him for mercy! (Matthew 8:31)

Testimonies from Around the World

This year, we are highlighting real stories from around the Muslim world. Pray that God’s kingdom comes in Bosnia and all around the globe!

Sayed yearned to meet the Jesus he heard about from a Christian friend. His life was crazy with university, family business responsibilities, and being there for all his friends. He was always stressed and overwhelmed with life. He had just broken up with the girl he thought was the one he would wed. Islam was a family tradition more than a faith to him, but he could not think of something as personal as knowing Jesus. That night, his Christian friend prayed and asked for Jesus to reveal Himself to Sayed.

Two nights after that prayer, Sayed fell asleep, and he started to dream. In his dream, he found himself on the street in front of his apartment. He saw his girlfriend down the street, and she turned and smiled at him. He waved to her, and she turned and walk away. He was so upset he sat right in the middle of the road and started to cry. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned; immediately he knew it was Jesus who was sitting with him. He felt a total peace as Jesus spoke to him and told him that he loved him. Sayed looked at Jesus and told him he had beautiful hair. Jesus gave him a comb. He started to comb his own hair, and it grew and looked like the hair Jesus had. Sayed said to Jesus, “You look like me.” Jesus smiled and said, “No, you look like me because you were created in my image.”

He woke from the dream and knew the prayer from the other night had been answered. Pray for dreams and visions across the Muslim world, but also pray for those who will go into the world and ask the question, “Have you ever had a dream or vision of a man in white?” Many have had this dream, but they have no one to help them understand what this dream can mean.

Biblical Prayers

“And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.” (1 John 4:14 ESV).

Lord God, grant your church in Bosnia the eyes to see and lips to testify to the miracle of the provision of your Son Jesus to be the savior of the world – your one and only Son, dispatched from his rightful throne in Heaven to live and die for the salvation of the nations. May your followers in Bosnia be known for their loyalty and devotion to this beautiful message.

Prayer Walk

Neum is the only city in Bosnia that is on the Adriatic Coastline. Its 25 kilometers (16 miles) serves as a popular summer destination for many Bosnians. Pray that those seeking rest would find true rest in Christ!

As you look at this image, how does God lead you to pray over the city of Neum?

Inspirational Quotes

I’ve heard people say, ‘I want more of a heart for missions.’ I always respond, ‘Jesus tells you exactly how to get it. Put your money in missions – and in your church and the poor – and your heart will follow.’ – Randy Alcorn

How does this quote inspire you to pray for Bosniaks? For yourself?